40 Ideas to Help Bring on Labour

Things to try to bring on labour

We’ve all heard that unless your body, and your baby are ready, there are few things that can bring on labour.  However, that doesn’t stop some pregnant Mumma’s over 37 weeks from trying!   Thanks to my dedicated readers at Mums With Bubs Fitness, I’ve compiled a list based on responses from more than 50 fellow Mum’s who tried everything to encourage their little cherubs into the world.  Some are natural, that can be done at home, while others are medical procedures.  Above all, you should listen to the advice of your trusted Doctor or Midwife before trialling any of the points listed below.

For the birth of my second baby, I tried many, many things on this list!  Anything that I tried within weeks 38 through 40 has a * next to it (so yes, that’s 28 of the 40 listed)! At the end of this article, I’ll tell you exactly what I did in the final hours  before I met both of my children, methods which I believe helped them make their way into the world.

So read on, and I hope you too find a few things that you can try for when you’re feeling truly ready to meet your little one!

  1. *Have a Pregnancy Massage
  2. *Get intimate with your partner AKA: make love, have sex, get it on!
  3. *Go for Induction Acupuncture
  4. *Go for Induction Reflexology
  5. *Have a hot shower (bonus points here: you won’t be having a long, hot shower once baby arrives anytime soon!)
  6. *Try weeding on hands & knees
  7. *Find a steep hill, and walk up it.
  8. *Head to the beach for some deep sand walks
  9. *Find a wall, and get into your wall squat position
  10. *Get active & complete a few normal squats!
  11. *Have a foot massage
  12. *Have more sex!
  13. Eat Pineapple.  Strange but true!
  14. *Do a birthing meditation.  Every day if you can, to help connect your baby & your body!
  15. *Try some ‘Spinning Babies’ techniques
  16. *Sip away at Raspberry Leaf Tea
  17. Book in for C-Section
  18. Have a Stretch & Sweep by your Doctor or midwife
  19. Try out Hypnosis
  20. *Bounce on a stability ball (AKA Birthing Ball) for 3-5 minute increments
  21. *Climb stairs – lots of them!
  22. *Have a hot stone massage
  23. *Stress less about the ‘little things’
  24. *Rub the soft spot between your thumb & first finger
  25. Move house!
  26. Book an induction
  27. Get some Evening Primrose Oil!
  28. Get some Raspberry Leaf capsules and eat them!
  29. *Get down on your hands & knees and try some Pelvic Tilts
  30. *Start putting cinnamon in EVERYTHING
  31. *Eat a hot curry!
  32. *Have a warm Bath with (small!) glass of wine
  33. *Try a plate of super hot chicken wings served with a Guiness!
  34. *Plenty of relaxation!
  35. *Head to a Mums With Bubs Fitness Prenatal class to get active and have fun with other mums!
  36. *Try perineal massage
  37. *Nipple stimulation – with or without sex!
  38. Have a manicure and pedicure
  39. Get your hair done (this is more for the relaxation & pampering side of things!)
  40. *Visualization – in your mind’s eye, see your labour happening!

So what may have pushed my babies over the line? Well aside from my baby & my body being ready, with baby number 1 I went to a highly recommended Reflexologist who specialized in pregnancy and fertility.  I was 40+6 with my baby.  The treatment was called induction reflexology, and it was quite pleasant!  The practitioner said that if it was going to work, it would be within 6-12 hours after the treatment, but not to have high expectations as it doesn’t work for everyone & further treatment may be required!  6 hours later on the dot, I had my first contraction – and so began my 36 hours of homebirth with my first!

For baby number 2, I felt well and truly ready from week 37.  But what I did in that final 24 hours before my labour began may have really made a difference, and what that was may surprise you!

The day before bub was born, we caught up with friends who also had little ones, and I trialled a method that my cousin had recommended as three of her mummy friends had done it & gone into labour 24 hours later.  This was (wait for it…!): A super hot’n’spicy plate of chicken wings, and a pint of Guiness beer!   So, that morning my hubby started marinating a kilo of wings for me in the spiciest hot sauce we had.  That afternoon, I managed to devour that whole plate & washed it down with the Guiness during our social hour.  When everyone left, I had the house to myself.  My toddler was having a sleepover with her grandparents, my husband at the footy with his mates, and my parents (who had been staying with us for the past week) were out for the night.  It was BLISS.  I poured myself a bath and enjoyed that immensely, while visualizing my baby entering the world in the most ideal situation I could imagine.  I got into my PJ’s, had cereal for dinner, and just chilled out on the couch listening to jazz and doing the rounds on the internet.  1am that night, I awoke to what felt like a contraction, and to cut another story short, my baby was born at 2:55am at home in the most serene surroundings I could imagine!

It’s so important to repeat, however, that until your body is ready, your baby will not enter the world without medical intervention.  Work with your birth team and know your options.

And for the record, I’m now the fourth mumma that I know of to go into labour less than 24 hours after hot wings and beer…

About the Author: Jenine Dilts-Bayman is the founder of Mums With Bubs Fitness, a Perth-based business specializing in pre & postnatal fitness programs for Mums with their children, aged 6 weeks to 4 years.  The sessions focus on bonding through fitness in a supportive, fun and progressive training environment!

Jenine holds over 10 years industry experience, her Certificiate IV in Fitness, an Honours degree in Sports Management, and specializes in pre and postnatal training. She is enthusiastic about the positive difference Mums With Bubs Fitness’ services can make to strengthening families, both physically and emotionally.  Jenine is also the author of ‘Finding Yourself, & Your Health, After Baby: Your 5 Week Guide to Inspired Motherly Living’.

“It’s about getting active every day, and making it a social, fun activity to do with your kids”

Jenine is a mother to her two year old daughter, and currently pregnant with her second child.

For more information on Mums With Bubs Fitness programs and locations, please see www.mumswithbubsfitness.com.au or on Facebook www.facebook.com/MumsWithBubsFitness

Or, contact Jenine Dilts-Bayman directly at 0406 116 180 or email mumswithbubsfitness@gmail.com




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