Back Care in Pregnancy – Let a Pregnancy Support Belt Give Your Back a Break


Your bump is growing beautifully and bub is doing so well. But are you starting to feel that a bit more support for your bump may be nice? Or is your back aching by the end of the day? Fear not, you are not alone and help is at hand.

If you’d love to find a maternity support garment so comfy it feels as though you’re wearing nothing at all, then read on. This is the promise Cantaloop makes with all their maternity garments. If you’re looking for unrivalled support and comfort for growing bumps while helping to ease light back pain, then the Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt is for you!

Our guest blogger this month is Ursula Tattersall, National Account Manager from J.D. Healthcare. Ursula has kindly provided answers to questions I asked her about their fantastic Cantaloop pregnancy support belts. Enjoy our Q&A and please don’t hesitate to email us on if you have any more questions and Ursula will be happy to answer them for you.


What exactly does a pregnancy support belt help with?

 The Pregnancy Support Belt has been designed to offer support and relief from back pressure and light pain during pregnancy while being completely safe for your baby. The Pregnancy Support Belt can also help relieve discomfort caused by Braxton Hick contractions, and keeps your tummy and back warm.


How do the Cantaloop support belts work?

The fabric on the Cantaloop model is incredibly soft and comfortable, yet highly supportive, thanks to the innovative fabric technology behind the belt. With smooth sides and integrated support the Cantaloop belt expands as you grow, while maintaining optimum comfort. It is so soft and comfortable it is ideal for those who want support when they are sleeping too.


When would you start wearing a pregnancy support belt?

Many women choose to wear a support belt from as early as 4 months onwards, but it all depends on how your tummy is growing.


How do you know what is the right size to buy?  

To find out what size belt you need, take a soft measuring tape and holding it parallel to the ground, measure your hips at the widest part. Then refer to Cantaloop’s size table to find the support belt size to fit your hip measurement.

Cantaloop Maternity Support-Wear Size Chart


How do you wear the support belt?

Simply step into the belt and pull it up over your beautiful bump. I’ve included a picture here to show how it looks when it is worn properly.

How to Wear a Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt


How confident are you in recommending your pregnancy support belt to all pregnant women?

The company behind Cantaloop®, Tytex A/S. is a world leader within the design and production of medical textiles, by using advanced elasticated knitting techniques – always with superior comfort and functionality as paramount. These techniques are the basis of the Cantaloop products and it guarantees that the products always are high quality and produced after best practice. All Cantaloop products are produced in our own factories and have passed stringent Oeko-Tex standards. This means they are completely safe to the wearer for mum and bub. Our Support Belts are designed to provide support and relief from light back pain*, over many hours wear, without harming mum or bub.

* Please note, if the back pain persists, or increases, we recommend any mother to seek professional advice from her midwife or doctor.

All our products have been tested on pregnant women. When we develop new products we will always do some tests either internally or in mother groups of pregnant women or new mothers.

Additionally, our pregnancy support belts have won awards that recognise how fabulous they are. In 2013 they were awarded a Silver award for Best Maternity Product and Bronze for Best Innovative Maternity Product from Loved by Parents. Loved by Parents is a parenting website offering news, pregnancy and parenting advice, articles, reviews and competitions. These awards are designed to highlight products which are genuinely loved by parents and are decided not by advertising spend, but by parents voting for the nominations.

The Loved by Parents Awards have grown considerably in the last three years and each year the panel of parent testers and their little ones are tasked with testing hundreds of entries from all over the world. Here’s the address for readers to view the awards list –  Loved By Parents Award Winners 2013

Silver Award For Best Maternity Product 2013
Bronze Award For Best Innovative Maternity Product 2013














How much do your pregnancy support belts cost?  

Our support belts are very reasonably priced and generally start from $24.99. You can buy them from several outlets in Australia including of course online from you at Yummy Mummy Lingerie.


Are there different colours of belts to choose from?                     

Our support belts come in two practical colours of white and black.

Cantaloop White Pregnancy Support Belt
Cantaloop Black Pregnancy Support Belt











How do you recommend washing your support belts?

The pregnancy support belt can be machine washed at up to 40 degrees, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean. Cantaloop products can be washed as low as 40 degrees, to save you money and energy, whilst being kind to the environment.


Is there anything else you would like to add about the Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt?

As I’ve included above, please always note that if you are still experiencing any pain and discomfort, or the intensity of your back pain increases, you should always seek professional advice from your doctor or midwife.

Another important point to note about out belts is that they are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1. This complies textiles and textile toys for babies and small children up to the age of three. Items manufactured according to this standard must be dyed so their colours are resistant to perspiration and saliva – and furthermore, formaldehyde and phthalates are banned. Although the Cantaloop products aren’t intended for babies, they do get in close contact with the textiles when Mum is wearing them – but since they are free from any hazardous substances this reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergies for both mother and baby.

Thank you so much Ursula!  


Here at Yummy Mummy lingerie you can buy maternity bras and maternity wear in a wide range of sizes – from 8A to 20E and beyond in some bra styles. If you need help with sizing please do not hesitate to contact us on and we can help you when you are ready to buy maternity bras or pregnancy support wear such as a Cantaloop pregnancy support belt.

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