Choosing the best maternity bra – frequently asked questions (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed our first FAQ post on choosing the best maternity bra and here is part two for you  🙂  Remember that there are many different styles and designs of maternity bras to choose from. Just as there are many different body shapes and sizes. Finding the best maternity bra is about finding what is right for you. This second post provides answers to more of the most commonly asked questions I get about choosing and buying maternity bras. I hope it helps you find the best maternity bra for yourself.


Can I wear underwire bras? 

Rigid or high gauge underwire bras are not recommended for use during your pregnancy or breastfeeding journey. This is because of the ongoing changes that occur in your breast shape and rigid wires may put pressure on the breast tissue. Likewise during breastfeeding when there is a regular fluctuation in size as milk comes in and is then depleted after feeding or expressing. Pressure on the breast may lead to blocked milk ducts or worse – mastitis. HOWEVER maternity bras with flexible underwires are considered less likely to cause problems.  As their name suggests, they use a finer gauge wire which allows it to flex with the breast as it changes shape.  Yummy Mummy Lingerie stocks styles with flexi underwire such as Cake Licorice Twist, HOTmilk Forever Yours and HOTmilk Obsession (image below).



Do I need to wear a maternity bra to bed?

This is a totally personal decision. Some mums find the support of a good soft bra helps them sleep more comfortably. And there’s also the practicality of wearing a bra at night to keep your nursing pads in place! If you are looking for a bra for sleeping in, choose a super soft and seamless bra for your greatest comfort. Examples of these include Cake Cotton Candy (image below), Cake Sugar Candy (especially for large busts) HOTmilk My Necessity and Cantaloop Adjustable Nursing Bra.


How do I care for my maternity bras?

It is a good idea to have at least three to four  maternity bras.  Leaks and spills and let’s be honest – vomit! – may mean you need to change your bra more frequently than usual. Hand-wash your maternity bra in mild washing powder or liquid. Air dry them but do not hang them by the straps as this may cause stretching out of shape. Hang them over the line so that one cup is on either side of the line and the centre of the bra rests on the line.  When storing your bras they should be positioned so that the cups are side by side and not cup-in-cup. This way they will retain their shape for longer.


Do I need a special bra for sports?

It can be tough getting back into your fitness routine after bubs is born. Finding time to yourself to do it is one thing but there’s also juggling the timing of breastfeeding to fit in with that scarce free time to exercise. Not an easy task!

A dedicated breastfeeding maternity sports bra will definitely help with this. Un-clip and nurse bub as you are ready to head out the door – or leave the creche. Enjoy your workout and then easily and quickly feed your hungry bub again as soon as your work-out is finished.  Everyone is happy!

As well as being practical for breastfeeding prior to and after exercise without having to change, specialised nursing sports bras are designed to provide excellent support for your bust during your work-out. Bust bounce will be minimised and heavy and/or tender breasts will thank you.

If you are hoping to breastfeed your baby for as long as possible and maintain your fitness regime, having a good quality maternity sports bra is a must. Choose from the Cadenshae range (Cadenshae Swift pictured below), or Maze Activewear Nursing Bra or Cake Orange Zest –  all available online now from Yummy Mummy Lingerie.


Which maternity bra will last from pregnancy through to breastfeeding?

It is unknown how many cup sizes or band sizes you might grow during pregnancy and early days of breastfeeding. If you are looking for a bra with the best chance of growing with you during all these changes then look for a seamless style that allows for 2-3 cup sizes in change such as HOTmilk My Necessity,  Cake Sugar CandyCake Cotton Candy (style pictured below) and Cantaloop Adjustable Bra.  HOTmilk My Necessity and Cake Sugar Candy also offer 6 rows of hooks and eyes to allow for rib cage expansion. You can also use bra extenders for the other styles if your band becomes a bit squeezy 🙂


Is there a best maternity bra?

The best maternity bra  is the one that ticks the big three – Comfort, Support and Appearance – for you.  A bra that supports your breasts well, is comfortable to wear and you love the look of it is the best maternity bra for you. If any one of these factors are missing then you may find yourself wishing for the end of the day so you can take it off!

Each brand of maternity lingerie has their own best selling style. Visit Yummy Mummy Lingerie to see examples of these styles such as HOTMILK Forever YoursCake Cotton Candy and Cadenshae Ultimate. Check out our list of YML best sellers in 2017  to give you some ideas.

Good luck with choosing the best maternity bra for you

Here at Yummy Mummy Lingerie have a great range of maternity bras to suit all shapes and sizes. Whether you are after comfort, style or a sports maternity bra, we have something suitable for you. We also sell quality complimentary maternity wear such as maternity sleepwearmaternity active wear and nursing singlets. Book an appointment or we ship Australia wide and overseas. Please contact us for assistance on