Has breastfeeding been a juggle struggle for you? Read about a new fabulous nursing bra that will make not having enough hands to juggle bubba, boob and wrap a thing of the past!


Have you ever thought about creating your own design or range of breastfeeding clothing? Well this month we have a great Q&A with the lovely Gina Kun, owner and creator of the Australian based Discretion By Gina. 

Gina with her children

Gina has kindly provided answers to questions I asked her about why she started her business and what makes her nursing bra different to all the rest. Enjoy our Q&A and please don’t hesitate to email us on info@yummymummylingerie.com if you have any more questions and Gina will be more than happy to answer them for you.

How did your new business venture in maternity lingerie come about?

Discretion by Gina actually came about through personal necessity and the need to find a solution to help other mums who may have experienced the same breastfeeding struggles as I did.


Breastfeeding was something that I always knew I wanted to do and when I became pregnant with my first child in 2005, there was no question that I would breastfeed him. Unfortunately establishing breastfeeding was extremely difficult for us. I had milk engorged breasts, irritated and painful nipples and each ‘let down’ resulted in about 15 holes simultaneously spraying milk. Between juggling my infant in one arm and having to hold my breast in the other, I had no arms left to even try to keep a feeding blanket on us for a bit of privacy. To make matters worse, the breast feeding bras available were plain, ugly and in no way supportive. I found that I was scheduling my errands around feeds so that I could make sure that I was at home to avoid the drama of it all. As a result, I only ended up breastfeeding for eleven weeks and felt that I had failed at the first important job that I was meant to do as a mother.

It took a little while but I eventually realised that I was being a bit hard on myself and I wondered what, if anything, would have helped make the breast feeding process a bit easier. I thought that if there was some type of support to help hold the breast in place while feeding, it would free up a hand allowing me to juggle other things. After searching far and wide for a bra like this, I realised that I would just have to make one myself.

After many years of research, trials and tribulations the Discretion by Gina prototype was complete and patent pending issued. It was never my intention to start a maternity lingerie business but I am extremely passionate about this design and I believe it could make all the difference for other breastfeeding mums.


Discretion By Gina Design Phase


Did you have an interest or experience in maternity lingerie prior to starting Discretion by Gina? If no, how did you gather this experience?

No I did not really have any lingerie experience other than personally finding it very difficult to find beautiful, comfortable and supportive bras in larger sizes. The bras with cute designs always seemed to stop at a D cup!

I began researching bra designs and sizing measurements. I compiled information through internet and social media surveys to find the most popular bra sizes and how much larger each person’s size was during pregnancy and after birth. What I actually found was that differences between each woman were immeasurable as each person is as individual and unique as a snowflake. I knew that I had to create something that would be versatile, functional, supportive and beautiful. This experience has been a very steep learning curve and I never stop learning. I can honestly say that every step of this process has been a learning experience, some more enjoyable than others, but good experiences nonetheless.

Please tell us a little about your maternity bra style?

Discretion by Gina is an exciting new brand of maternity bra. It incorporates a unique, patented design that essentially creates a relaxed, discreet and comfortable breastfeeding experience for mother and baby.
What are the main things that make your maternity bra different to others on the market?
When I set out to create Discretion by Gina, my goal was to produce a maternity bra that was elegant yet extremely comfortable, affordable, and most importantly functional. The unique patented design is what really sets the Discretion bra apart from any other. When the outer cup drops down, there is a second “discreet” piece of material which acts as a support to hold the breast in place, freeing up the other hand while feeding. The discreet pattern piece is easily adjustable to expose as much or as little of the breast tissue as required. This piece easily disengages from the strap to allow for “free feeding” if needed. This patented design is not available in any other feeding garment in the world.


maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-discretion-by-gina maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-discretion-by-gina-a-frame maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-discretion-by-gina-side-sling






Apart from nursing bras, have you got plans for other products?

Yes definitely! The possibilities are endless and my vision is huge. First I will focus on the Discretion Bra range, expanding the size range to incorporate any size requested and offer other colours and styles. As the design is patented, I plan to expand the range into other types of breastfeeding garments including swimsuits, pyjamas, camisoles, dresses, shirts etc.

We’ve loved talking to Gina and getting the low-down on her great nursing bra design off the ground. We have just started stocking the Discretion By Gina bra and we’ve been so excited by the feedback from mama’s so far! Be sure to visit our Yummy Mummy Lingerie Facebook page to enter our current give-away for you chance to win one of these fab bras!  And stay tuned for a real mama’s review on this style coming soon.
Here at Yummy Mummy lingerie you can buy maternity bras and maternity wear in a wide range of sizes – from 8A to 20E and beyond in some bra styles. If you need help with sizing please do not hesitate to contact us on info@yummymummylingerie.com and we can help you when you are ready to buy maternity lingerie or the fabulous new Discretion By Gina Nursing Bra.

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