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How Do You Work Out Your Shapewear Size



How Do You Work Out Your Shapewear Size

It can be confusing sometimes when you are trying to buy clothing online as sizes can vary from label to label and sometimes style to style. So getting your current measurements right can take away some of that pain.

Shapewear sizes don’t need to be complicated – even if you need to work out your bra size as well as other areas of your body. With the right steps it will be very easy for you to determine your size. However, before diving into those steps, you need to know a few things about shapewear and their sizes and how they should fit.

It is important to stick to your size. A common error with shapewear is to go down a size thinking that it will provide more support and shape. Sizing down may result in too much firmness and the risk of not being comfortable. This will not only cause you discomfort but may also result in creating bumps and wrinkles where you don’t want them, shapewear not staying in the right place on your body and possible chafing. All of which hinder achieving the smooth silhouette that you are after.

On the flip side, if you buy your shapewear too large for yourself you once again may not get the smooth silhouette and shape that you are aiming for. Sizing is important as the wrong size can limit any benefit the shapewear can give you.

So here’s how to work out your shapewear size.

Bra size

If you can no longer read the size on the tag of your current bras that fit well, then you will need to measure yourself.

So grab the tape measure and get in front of the mirror! Even better, ask the other half or a friend to help you!

Band size

First of all you need to determine your band size. You will need to wrap the tape measure firmly around the area just beneath your breasts, with the inch side facing out. If the number you see is even, then you should add 4 inches, and if it is odd then add 5. For example, if you measure 28 inches, then this would work out as 32 inches.

Cup size

You now need to measure the cup size. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your bust, covering the fullest area of your breasts. You should keep your arms close into your body while doing so, to get an accurate measurement. Therefore, again, this is where enlisting someone else to help can be a good idea!

If needs be, you then round up the measurement to the next whole number, in order to be able to buy the right cup size. Therefore, if you measure 32.5 then your cup size will be 33 inches.

Now you have both bits of information that you need. You will then take the measurement for your band size and subtract this from the cup size measurement. This then equals your overall bra size. Therefore, in the example above this would be 1=B.

0 = AA
<1 = A
1 = B
2 = C
3 = D
4 = DD
5 = DDD/E
6 = F
7 = G
8 = H


There you have it, your bra size is sorted. Use the result for any shapewear that comes in specific bust sizes eg camisoles and slips


Waist and Hips

The other important measurements are your waist and hips measurement. To measure your waist you need to bend a little to your side and mark the crease or indentation. This is your natural waist. Then straighten up and wrap the tape measure comfortably around your natural waist. You should round off the result into the nearest inch to get your size. That is simple and easy. Measuring your hips is quite easy. Just wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your torso which is just below your waist but above your thighs and round off to the nearest whole inch to get that perfect measurement.

If possible, to make it a little easier, get someone to help you take the measurements.


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