Looking for Maternity Activewear That Looks as Fabulous as Non-maternity Wear? Look no Further than Cadenshae Activewear

Most of us Mumma’s would like to be happy, healthy and fit by keeping active whilst pregnant and after bub is born. But have you found it difficult to find maternity bras that you can exercise in comfortably and breastfeed in easily? Maybe no – but probably yes!  And most likely you’ve not even expected to find a maternity bra that caters to your busy life-style, nursing needs and looks great! Right? Well, stop the press! A new exciting range called Cadenshae provides amazing maternity activewear for mum’s-to-be and new mums that delivers all three. You can now enjoy your physical activity in comfort, breastfeed with ease and choose from a range of wonderful colours and styles to do so! 

This is the promise Cadenshae makes with all their maternity activewear lines. If you’re looking for fabulous colours, ease of nursing and designs that support the type of activity you want to do, then Cadenshae activewear bras are for you!

We are very thrilled to have as our guest blogger this month, the lovely Nikki Croft, owner and founder of the New Zealand based Cadenshae Ltd. Nikki has kindly provided answers to questions I asked her about her fantastic range of Cadenshae maternity activewear. Enjoy our Q&A and please don’t hesitate to email us on info@yummymummylingerie.com if you have any more questions and Nikki will be happy to answer them for you.

How did your new business venture in maternity activewear come about?

After the birth of my first daughter I found it near on impossible to find clothes that I could workout in and breastfeed. Both my partner and I are Personal Trainers so we lived at the gym and in our workout gear. I was so used to wearing exercise clothes that when I couldn’t – due to not being able to feed in them – it made dressing each morning an absolute nightmare.  That’s when I thought, I can’t be the only women that’s having this problem, and embarked on making my own range of clothes.

Did you have an interest or experience in maternity lingerie prior to starting Cadenshae?  

No definitely not. I had had a range of jobs but that certainly wasn’t one of them.

How did you go about gathering the experience to start Cadenshae?

Hours upon hours upon hours of research. It took over 14 months from idea to launch. So I learnt a lot in that time.

Is there a meaning behind the name Cadenshae?

My first daughter is called Caden and both my first daughter and second daughter have the middle name Shae. It was my partner Adam’s idea to name the business Cadenshae and we love it!

Please tell us a little about each of your maternity bra styles?

Our Everyday bra is the one that I would describe as being the pregnancy and newborn stage bra. It is so incredibly comfortable and versatile.  It’s the bra that you’ll find yourself wearing day in day out in those first few months when you feel that all you do is FEED FEED FEED. It’s perfect for sleeping in, or with a tighten of the straps and band you’re good to go for some light to moderate exercise.

Cadenshae Everyday Nursing Bras



The FiT2FEED, is like the next stage –  however a lot of women do wear this during pregnancy and straight after birth. Once you start feeling like getting out and about with your wee one, going for a light walk, getting back into gym, mum-n-bub classes or anything that gets your heart rate up, this bra is just perfect!! Fits nicely under tanks or any singlet and once again like all our bras, it’s easy to feed in. Bright funky colours to make you feel like moving and a racerback design to offer great support and style. This bra is great for the small to medium busted woman, up to about a DD-E.

Cadenshae Fit2Feed Nursing Bras


                                                   maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-cadenshae-fit2feed-stripe maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-cadenshae-fit2feed-stripe-back 


The ULTIMATE BRA is just that, the ultimate. It is designed for woman with a bigger bust and it has all the bells and whistles. Wide padded straps, custom foam moulded cups for a great shape and perfect fit and an optional racerback conversion clip so you can wear this bra under any type of top.  Great for any type of exercise and it really does hold the girls in place. No more doubling up bras!!!!

Cadenshae Ultimate Nursing Bras

                                                        maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-cadenshae-ultimate-maternity-sports-bras-navy        maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-cadenshae-ultimate-nursing-sports-bra-stripe


What are the main things that make your maternity bras different to others on the market?

Our funky colous and stylish designs. Their comfort and functionality. It’s so important as a new mum to look after yourself. It is recommended that we start gently moving our bodies and get back into exercise of some sort, but there isn’t really any thing else on the market that enables you to do so. Cadenshae bras really do make your life easier. They enable you to be an active, vibrant healthy mum. There are so many barriers when it comes to exercising when you have little ones in tow, it makes no sense to let clothes be one of them.

How did you go about testing your bras?

This was the fun – and stressful part! We recruited every lady I knew to try them on. You couldn’t come visit me without being asked to try on a bra LOL. I used to carry the samples with me everywhere in case I bumped into someone that I could ask to quickly try one on. The ladies were asked to do star jumps, burpies, running on the spot – you name it. Fun times. But stressful too when I could see the bras weren’t quite right yet and I had to go home and make all the corrections to the patterns and try again. Rinse and repeat 🙂


What is your advice for women, when it comes to purchasing your maternity/nursing bras?

Our bras are best fit to your underbust measurement. The chest band is where you get most of your support so its important to have a snug fit, especially if you plan on jumping around in it.

Do you mean for eg if you’re small framed 12DD then the small is better or if you’re between a 14 and 16 in band but have a B cup then a L is better?

Yes that’s right. Also without sounding too ‘salesy’ get more than one. Most women come back for more when they realise how awesome they are. Instead of waiting for one to come out of the wash it’s a good idea to have a couple ready to go.

Apart from nursing bras, what other Cadenshae products have you created?

We have activewear hoodies as well as a 100% cotton casual hoodies, that both have easy zip access for feeding. Two types of racer back tanks, just like the ones from your favourite sportswear store. Only these ones don’t require you to be a contortionist in order to feed in them :). We have a slim fitting racer back tank or our loose fit tanks with a built in crop that opens for feeding. Just add one of our bras and you’re good to go! Easy feeding in three layers of your favourite colourful workout gear.

Have you got plans for other products?

We are working on our LOVEme HUGme tights. They have a compression panel around the waist to help support and hold your tummy in place while exercising. Perfect for women who have had C-sections or just anyone wanting that extra support and pants that don’t require constant pulling up while exercising.

Thank you so much Nikki!  

We’ll talk to Nikki again next month and pick her brains about what it actually took to get Cadenshae off the ground. I’m sure there will be some great tips for any other mumma’s thinking about starting their own business. Stay tuned 🙂


Here at Yummy Mummy lingerie you can buy maternity bras and maternity wear in a wide range of sizes – from 8A to 20E and beyond in some bra styles. If you need help with sizing please do not hesitate to contact us on info@yummymummylingerie.com and we can help you when you are ready to buy maternity lingerie or the fabulous new Cadenshae maternity activewear.

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