Looking for maternity lingerie that embraces your luscious curves? Meet the Hot Mama Bra!

If you’re looking for maternity lingerie that embraces your luscious curves – you’ll love the Hot Mama Bra from Gazongas Collection! This month we have a great Q&A with the lovely Elaine, owner and creator of Gazongas Collection and the Hot Mama Bra.

Elaine has kindly provided answers to questions I asked her about why she started her business and what makes her gorgeous bra different to other maternity and nursing bras. Enjoy our Q&A and please don’t hesitate to email us on info@yummymummylingerie.com if you have any more questions and Elaine will be more than happy to answer them for you.


Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Malta (a tiny beautiful island under Italy) and migrated to Australia with my parents and sister when I was 4. My parents worked their hands to the bone to make sure we always had a hearty Maltese meal in our tummies and a warm cosy bed to sleep in at night. A few of my friends at school weren’t as fortunate though. So mum would sneak a couple of extra sandwiches into my lunchbox to fill their tummies too or invite these friends over to hang out with us on weekends to spoil them a little.

It was from this moment that I developed a passion for making a difference in this world by supporting others, particularly people in need. I have spent my entire career either directly supporting people with major challenges or developing policies and programs within the public service to improve their quality of life.

In 2010 I had my first child and that’s when everything changed. My life flipped from supporting others to being the one needing help, psychologically and physically. Having a baby changes our bodies in ways we never imagined. For me, the most challenging part was finding a nice and comfy maternity bra to contain my massive, saggy gazongas. I really disliked how my breasts looked and this effected my psychological health. I wasn’t able to find a maternity bra on the market, despite my best efforts. After a whole lot of research, I realised that there were a bunch of other mothers who were facing the same challenge. It was at this point where my passion for helping others grew into empowering fellow mothers by creating maternity lingerie that enabled them to embrace their luscious curves.


Did you have an interest or experience in maternity lingerie prior to starting Gazongas Collection?  

I was raised in a family of very talented seamstresses and gained a wealth of knowledge through them. My grandmother spent many years sewing customised bridal gowns and my mother use to sew most of our clothing when my sister and I were younger, including a couple of very lacy, balloon-like Holy Communion dresses. We sure were a sight for sore eyes…he he.

Most of the females in my family have very large gazongas and struggled to find bras so I used the incredible skills that were passed on to me from generations of talented women to create customised bras for my friends, family and myself. This then morphed into creating maternity bras when we became pregnant and that’s how Gazongas Collection was born.


Please tell us a little about your maternity bra style

The Hot Mama Maternity Bra features:

  • Flexible underwire;
  • Strong adaptable straps;
  • Moulded cups;
  • Super stretchy back;
  • Sexy flattering material.


Here’s why these features are so special:


 Flexible underwire

  • provides great shape and ultimate support;
  • is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is specifically designed to sit under and around breast tissue;
  • reinforced material at underwire ends to prevent material from tearing and underwire escaping.

Strong adaptable straps

  • provide you with the freedom convert to cross back or halter neck for all occasions;
  • cross back straps encourage correct posture for breastfeeding and provide extra lift. Straps also sit on a different position on the shoulders to relieve the groove often caused by straps weighing down on the top of the shoulder;
  • straps are made from strong fabric to enhance support and reduce bounce.

maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-gazongas-collection-hot-mama-bra4 maternity-bras-yummy-mummy-lingerie-gazongas-collection-hot-mama-bra3


Moulded cups 

  • provide maximum support, comfort, lift and great shape;
  • ensures the shape of the nipple can’t be seen through clothing;
  • hugs curves and enhances your best assets without sacrificing comfort.

Super stretchy back

  • provides incredible comfort;
  • allows for growth;
  • made from durable material.

Sexy flattering material

  • enables you to feel and look like a hot mama.



What are the main things that make your maternity bra different to others on the market?

I think I’ll let a couple of my customer’s answer this question…



‘The straps were amazing. I love that you can convert them to suit your activity and that you can even wear the bra with an evening dress. It’s like having three bras in one. It’s a wonderful idea. 

Being bigger busted, it was so lovely to put this bra on and everything stayed in and up. Love, love, love the flexible underwire and full cup. 

The Hot Mama Bra was so comfortable and feels really breathable. A bra to wear to any occasion, especially in hot Canberra summers.’

Tegan, February 2016



‘Thank you so much to Elaine for creating a fantastic bra that makes me feel like a ‘hot mama’ instead of an old grandmother! The bra not only lifts, looks great but with the cross over straps it has improved my posture. Elaine fitted me for my bra while I was pregnant with my first bub and did a wonderful job as it fits perfectly and is probably the best fitted bra I have ever worn (even pre pregnancy!). I have always struggled to find bras for bigger boobs and almost died when they kept getting bigger during my pregnancy – I didn’t think I would find anything that would actually fit and be able to comfortably breastfeed in. Before I discovered the hot mama bras I paid over a $100 for a nursing bra that came in the biggest cup size I could find so that I had a bra that I could wear (figured it was better than nothing!).’

Thank you again to Elaine for her Hot Mama Bras!

Lyndal, July 2016




What is your advice for women, when it comes to purchasing your maternity bra?

The best piece of advice that I can offer mamas is to truly embrace who we are (stretch marks, saggy gazongas and all). Self love not only waters our own spiritual garden, but is also what feeds our children with the confidence they need to thrive.

We need to remember that all the imperfections that we see when we look in the mirror created the perfection that we see when we look at our children.

It is in recognition of these challenges that I have made it my mission to empower fellow mamas by designing maternity lingerie that enables mamas to embrace their luscious curves. So many priorities take over our lives as mothers that we often put ourselves last. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to loose your sexy self. In fact, having confidence and ‘mama mojo’ is even more important during these blissful yet crazy times.


Thanks so much Elaine! So if you’ve been searching for a maternity bra that offers ultimate lift and support, superior comfort, versatility and makes you look like a hot mama then you’re in luck. Get your Hot Mama Maternity Bra right here from Yummy Mummy Lingerie.

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