Maternity bra 101 – 5 features to look for when buying a good quality maternity bra


Pregnancy is an exciting time but it is also a time of many firsts and many, many questions. Most of these questions we ask our Mum’s, sisters or friends as we trust their opinions and judgements. But our lives are fast paced and changes in technology and continual improvements in everything means that the advice given may well have been the best during their pregnancy but not necessarily now.

An example of this was when I bought my first ever maternity bra. I followed the advice of a dear friend and purchased several pairs of ‘serviceable’ maternity bras. They were in no way attractive and although comfortable they certainly did nothing towards offering good support nor providing a nice shape or bust line! And unfortunately they were awkward to breastfeed with. In hindsight I should have investigated further and asked someone with more than personal experience. This way I would have had current information on what to look for when buying a good quality maternity bra.

Reflecting on this just recently has prompted me to think that, what would have been useful to me then would be useful to expecting mums now. That the knowledge I have gained as owner of Yummy Mummy Lingerie would be lovely to share with others who are looking to buy quality maternity bras.

So here’s my quick ‘Maternity Bra 101 – 5 features to look for when buying a good quality maternity bra.

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Maternity Bra 101

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Maternity bra 101 – 5 features to look for when buying a good quality maternity bra

1- One Handed Clips

Not all clips are equal. A good quality maternity bra will have one handed nursing clips. This allows the cup to be opened with one hand so you can hold your baby when preparing to breastfeed. No need to juggle and fumble around!  This is especially reassuring when you are new at breastfeeding and things can feel awkward and a little scary 🙂

2 -Drop Down Cups

This sounds obvious but find a maternity bra that allows breastfeeding to be easy – that is, enables easy access to your breast. Drop-down cups and clips allow the bra cup to fall away from the breast for easy access during breastfeeding. They can then be clipped back firmly in place after nursing to provide the necessary support to your breasts.

3- Wide Straps

Good quality maternity bras tend to have wider straps – and some even have cushioning. These features assist to both minimise straps digging into shoulders and offer firm bust support. The wider straps ‘spread the load’ and ‘support the load’ to give you overall greater support and comfort.

4- Extra Hooks and Eyes

Ensure that there are extra hooks and eyes on the band of the maternity bra that you are considering buying. These allow the bra to be adjusted and grow with you. You will be able to loosen the bra when your ribcage and diaphragm expands during pregnancy. Likewise tighten back up after bub is born and your diaphragm reduces in size. Flexibility and comfort will be achieved.

5 -Ultra Soft Fabrics

Look for maternity bras made of soft fabrics such as cotton, especially in the bra lining, to avoid chafing and improve breathability.  Soft organic cotton is highly breathable and is great for warmer climates. You may feel hotter during pregnancy and synthetic materials are more likely to retain moisture. This is sure to make you feel uncomfortable – “I feel good with a ‘sweaty cleavage'” said no pregnant mum ever!. Soft fabrics are also much more comfortable against sore and tender breasts. They will feel great not only for you but for your baby as well when you are breastfeeding.


And last but not least…… as well as the above features to look for in a quality maternity bra, make sure that your maternity bra is pretty and makes you feel good when you put it on 🙂

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