Maternity Bra Guide: What’s What When It Comes To Maternity Bra Features?


Maternity Bra Guide

A-frames? Side-slings? Flexi-wire?, Moulded or Not-moulded?? It sounds like you could be choosing items for your renovation not the type of maternity bra you’d like! When you first start looking for a maternity bra you may not know exactly what you need and may feel somewhat mystified by the terms used to describe some of the choices available. Enjoy our infographic then read this easy maternity bra guide to help you understand the difference between some key features of a maternity bra. 


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Maternity Bra Guide

  • Moulded-Cup or Non-Moulded Cup
Maternity-Bra-Guide-Moulded-Cup-Maternity Bra-Yummy-Mummy-Lingerie
Maternity Bra Guide – Moulded-Cup Maternity Bra – You! Lingerie ‘Isis Blue’ from Yummy Mummy Lingerie

A moulded cup bra has cups that are shaped from fabric and a thin layer of padding or foam. The padding is moulded to a round seamless shape. A moulded cup bra holds its ‘cup’ shape whether the bra is being worn or is not. When worn, a moulded cup bra will give your bust a rounded and symmetrical shape. The seamless and smooth profile, combined with the padding, make them great for wearing under t-shirts. No seams showing through – or nipple outlines either!

Examples of moulded cup bras from Yummy Mummy Lingerie include all maternity bras in the You! Lingerie range and the Fig Mousse and Rose Mousse from Cake Lingerie.







Maternity Bra Guide – Non-Moulded Cup Maternity Bra – Hotmilk ‘Luminous’ from Yummy Mummy Lingerie



Bras with non-moulded cups are those that have cups made from soft fabric. The bra does not hold a ‘cup’ shape when it is not being worn. Your breasts fill out the cup fabric and therefore these type of bras result in a more natural breast shape and profile.

The styles from HotmilkFreya Maternity, Cantaloop and Seraphine Maternity that are available from Yummy Mummy Lingerie are all non-moulded cups.








  • Soft-Cup or Flexi-Wire Cup
Maternity-Bra-Guide-Soft-Cup-Bra Yummy Mummy Lingerie
Maternity Bra Guide – Soft-Cup Maternity Bra – Cake ‘Rose Mousse’ from Yummy Mummy Lingerie

Soft-cup is the term used for bras that have wire-free or wireless cups. Soft cup maternity bras can be moulded or non-moulded – the key detail is that they do not have underwires in the cups. Soft-cup bras are designed so that other features of the bra support the bust. The majority of maternity bras are soft cup as, being wire-free, they change very readily in response to changes in breast size and shape.

All maternity bras currently available from Yummy Mummy Lingerie are soft cup except for Cake Licorice Twist and You! Lingerie Flirty You.






Maternity-Bra-Guide-Flexi-wire-Cup-maternity-Bra- Yummy Mummy Lingerie
Maternity Bra Guide – Flexi-Wire Cup Maternity Bra – You! Lingerie ‘Flirty You!’ from Yummy Mummy Lingerie



Flexi-wire maternity bras have cups that include a low-gauge underwire that provides support to the bust. The gauge or thickness of the wire is purposely low so that the underwire in the cup can flex and change position with the changing shape and size of the bust. It is important to ensure that if buying an underwire bra to wear while pregnant and breastfeeding, that it is flexi-wire and not the usual higher gauge (firmer) underwire used for non-maternity bras.

Examples of flexi-wire bras available from Yummy Mummy Lingerie are Cake Licorice Twist and You! Lingerie Flirty You (in larger cup sizes – please visit Yummy Mummy Lingerie showroom for sizes)





  • A-Frame or Side-Sling
Maternity Bra Guide – A-Frame Maternity Bra – Hotmilk ‘Eclipse’ from Yummy Mummy Lingerie

These terms refer to how support is provided by the bra to the breast when the cup is dropped down for breastfeeding your bub. A-frame styles have a triangle frame of fabric surrounding the breast that remains in place when the cup is dropped down for feeding. A-frame maternity bras provide more coverage of and support to the breast so are more suitable for larger bust sizes.

A-frame styles from Yummy Mummy Lingerie include all Freya styles, all Hotmilk styles (except Celestial) and Cake Orange Zest and Licorice Twist.








Maternity Bra Guide – Side-Sling Maternity Bra – Seraphine ‘St Tropez’ from Yummy Mummy Lingerie

Side-sling maternity bras feature a ‘sling’ of fabric from one side of the cup that supports the breast during feeding. Side-sling maternity bra’s reveal more of the breast and therefore allow greater skin-on-skin contact between mum and bub during breastfeeding. The reduced coverage – and therefore reduced support – means that side-sling bras may be more comfortable for smaller busted Mum’s.

Maternity bras that feature side-slings from Yummy Mummy Lingerie include Hotmilk Celestial, Cake Cotton Candy, Seraphine St Tropez and the You! Lingerie range.




We hope our Maternity Bra Guide has helped you. If in doubt please don’t hesitate to send us an email and we’ll be happy to help guide you further –

Here at Yummy Mummy Lingerie we have a great range of maternity bras and maternity lingerie to suit all shapes and sizes. Whether you are after comfort, style or supportive maternity active wear we have something suitable for you. We ship Australia wide and overseas. Please contact us for assistance on

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