Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery

Enjoying your essential oils with diffuser jewellery is very easy. Simply use a drop or two of your favorite oils and rub them – or drip them – onto the lava beads. If you have roller bottles then you can simply run the roller bottle over the lava beads. .
Please note that it is recommended to always use a good quality essential oil – such as doTERRA to avoid possible adverse reaction on the skin.

Which oils to use?
Totally up to you 🙂 Try different oils and see which you like best. Citrus oils and peppermint are great for a quick pick me up and boost of energy. Whereas as lavender and lavender peace are more relaxing.

How long will the fragrance from the essential oils last?
This will depend on how much of the oil you are using and which oil you are using. A drop or two might last 2-4 hours or if you use more oil it can last 24 hours. Some stronger oils will last longer than lighter oils. Have funa and try out your oils and re-apply when you can no longer smell the fragrance.

Can I use a blend of oils?
Have fun and mix the oils you love. Or there are plenty of blend ideas available – google away 🙂 Make your own blend in a roller bottle and then apply to the bead or apply a mix of drops directly from the bottle. Experiment and have fun finding your own favorite blends and fragrances.

What are lava rocks/beads?
Natural beads that are made from cooled down molten rock after a volcano eruption. The rough and pitted surface is perfect for essential oil diffusing. Lava beads are believed to have healing and grounding properties.

Will the essential oils stain?
There are some essential oils that can stain. To avoid staining on clothing, apply essential oils on the lava beads and pop in your favourite pendant or locket to keep oil away from fabrics and skin. doTERRA oils are very high quality and wont leave too much residue behind.

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