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Cake Maternity has been creating indulgent maternity lingerie since 2008. Cake is a pioneer in successfully designing maternity lingerie that is beautiful as well as superbly structured. Purchase these pieces with peace of mind that each has been engineered to meet the needs of your changing body.

Product categories have been created by Cake Maternity to suit individual taste and the needs required in the stages of a woman’s pregnancy. Yummy Mummy Lingerie offers some of these categories and styles as follows:

– Sports bras – Orange Zest
– Contour convertible bras – Toffee
– Seamless transition bras – Cotton Candy
– Smaller busted bras – Mousse

Cotton Candy and Toffee – the names of the styles sound delicious and nearly as good as they look!

Cake styles that come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large can be sized as follows:

Bras (Australian and NZ sizing)
Size 10 B-E, 12B-C shop for size Small
Size 10F-FF, 12D-FF, 14B-D, 16B shop for size Medium
Size 14DD-FF, 16C-E, 18 B-C shop for size Large
Size 16F-FF, 18 D-F, 20 B-E shop for size XLarge

Briefs (Australian/NZ Sizings)
Small = 10-12 Medium = 12-14 Large = 14-16 XLarge = 16-18

Shop below to view the luxurious collection of maternity and nursing lingerie by the award winning Cake Maternity from Yummy Mummy Lingerie. Please email us with any questions or for assistance with your purchase of Cake Lingerie.