Morning sickness – AKA all day pregnancy sickness – Alice’s top 3 tips to help you feel ‘less dreadful’.

This month I am sooo excited to have @aliceinhealthyland as my guest blogger! If you don’t follow Alice then take a moment to check out her feed and I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do 🙂  Alice is mum to the gorgeous 16 month old Cruze, and recently got married to her handsome man Dave and is pregnant with number 2! And she is a healthcare worker and a social media influencer. Busy muma heh! Alice has written a post for us on morning sickness and some of her tips to help you cope when you might be feeling dreadful. Enjoy 🙂 

Morning sickness… WAIT what? Who says that the symptoms are just in the morning? I had them 24hrs a day both pregnancies. Even worse in the afternoon and evening. It’s not the best part of the pregnancy, you’re tired, you’re feeling queasy and your appetite goes cray cray. However you are so grateful, blessed and overjoyed with the great news of expecting a new baby.

I had morning sickness so bad with my first pregnancy that I decided to do some research this time round on what would help to ease the symptoms. I purchased and trialled a few different products that didn’t completely get rid of the pregnancy sickness but definitely helped to relieve the symptoms. So I thought I would share with all you lovely mumma’s planning to have babies or are going through this right now.


Franjos Kitchen Pregnancy Belly Bump Cookies and Crackers

The cookies are great to snack on for a healthy morning or afternoon tea. They taste great and they are filled with delicious, healthy ingredients to nourish you and your growing baby. The cookies contain ginger which is a natural therapy to help ease the causes of nausea. I found these great to have when I first woke up in the morning in the first trimester as I didn’t really feel like much else.

The crackers are fantastic for those salty cravings. When I feel sick I crave salty foods, they are high in fibre and are perfect on their own or topped with your favourite toppings. My personal favourite is cottage cheese, tomato and cucumber.

Franjos Kitchen is a business created by two gorgeous mummas Margot and Jo. Jo is a naturopath, nutritionist and wellness consultant so you know the ingredients they are using are only the best for mummas and their little growing bubs.


Activated Charcoal & Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes Belly Bump Pregnancy Crackers

Belly Bumps – Crackers for your cravings Our ‘crackers for your cravings’ have been designed by our very own naturopath and nutritionist. All ingredients were s



Basik Organics Pregnancy Essential Oil Blend 

This easy to roll on oil blend is great for a pick me up when I was feeling a little rough about the nausea and vomiting. It has a refreshing smell and is created using only 100% organic ingredients. It assist the symptoms of nausea or motion sickness by containing the ingredients ginger and red mandarin which help to maintain the acid base in the stomach. I love that this brand is created by Kristen, a mumma that is passionate about creating non toxic products to provide for both Mumma and baby.


Pregnancy Essential Oil Blend — Basik Organics

A refreshing roll-on essential oil blend that can help relieve the nausea associated with pregnancy, especially in the early days. Also works well to ease the …



Mama Body Tea Wellness Tea

I have been sipping on this tea since I was 5 weeks pregnant. It not only helps ease the sensation of nausea but it helps you to just relax and put you feet up while you take 5 minutes to sip on it. The ladies at Mama Body Tea have created this product to help you to enjoy the early stages of pregnancy that little bit more. It taste delicious with a refreshing fruity taste, it makes the room smell sensational.

The tea blends are created by two beautiful mummas, Jess Spencer and Jess O’Brian and with the help of their in house naturopath Anne Cousins. You know the tea is full of the natural nutrients that you require in the first trimester. I am currently in my second trimester and am still sipping this as I love the taste.






Morning Sickness can truly have you feeling down and sorry for yourself, but with the help of these few product I was able to enjoy that first trimester that little bit more.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Big Love Alice In Healthyland xoxo


Thanks so much Alice! Please don’t hesitate to email us on if you have any more questions and I am sure Alice will be more than happy to answer them for you.


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