Who needs an excuse to eat cookies? – Well here’s the low down on lactation cookies


This month I am so excited to have Jewels from Milk and Cookies by Jewels as my blog contributor! Jewels is a busy mum to two little girls, baker & founder of Milk & Cookies by Jewels. Her specialty is baking decadent lactation cookies and other delish products to boost your milk supply.  Jewels has kindly taken time to give us the low down on lactation cookies and her awesome business. I hope you find it really interesting 🙂


The low down on lactation cookies:

I am a firm believer that you should never need an excuse to enjoy a cookie… but when they are to boost your milk supply and support your breastfeeding journey- then you have the best reason in the world Mama to go have one or two!

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come easily & naturally- it’s often a learnt skill that requires hard work & perseverance. Milk supply is such a personal experience- often a delicate balance between trusting in your body to meet your baby’s needs but grappling with your gut instinct that you could do with a little extra boost.

And that is where milk & cookies by Jewels comes into the picture.


What are they?

Lactation cookies contain galactagogues, substances, usually found in food, that promote the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

How do they work?

Lactation cookies help to enhance milk production, due to the abundance of minerals and nutrients contained in each one. Usually 1- 2 cookies per day have a substantial effect, which can be noticed within a couple of days.

At milk & cookies by Jewels, we recognise the important role energy levels play on a new Mama’s emotional well-being and milk supply. For this reason our recipes have been tailored to suit the breastfeeding Mama.


The key ingredients in our lactation cookies or as I like to describe it, the little stars of the show include:

  • Brewer’s yeast – best known for being involved in the production of beer. However, this is also used as an ingredient in these cookies as it contains protein, iron, chromium, B vitamins and various other trace minerals; all of which are perfect for increasing milk supply. Brewer’s yeast also been associated with alleviating postpartum depression, often known as the ‘baby blues’.
  • Oats – vital for breastfeeding mums, as they contain iron, high fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates. Iron is very important for breastfeeding, as low levels are associated with low milk supply.
  • Flaxseed is useful for building good fats and enzymes, both of which are important for increasing the content of breast milk.



Why our cookies are so great?

In one word: YUM.

Simply, they’re a joy to eat.

Our cookie tins come with a warning that they’re highly addictive because I must warn you, you’ll try one and be hooked.

These are the cookies you can share with your hubby but you may want to hide!! I’ll leave that one to you.

On a final note, I hope that when you open up your cookie parcel you feel special, spoilt and celebrated as a mother and a woman.

Lots of cookie love,

Jewels X


Thank you so much Jewels!

And if that didn’t convince you to try these delicious treats,  here’s what one of our favourite mama’s @aliceinhealthyland thinks about Jewels’s cookies and her service 🙂

Jewels has been a friend of mine since the birth of Cruz. She had made me her delicious lactation Cookies, Bliss Balls and Granola to assist my breastfeeding journey. They are so delicious and they work a treat. I munched on them throughout my entire breasfeeding journey with Cruzie and now with my newborn Winter Rose. My favourite of her goodies are the Choc Cherry Cookies and Berry Bery Lactation Granola. I highly recommend Jewels not only as she creates a delicious lactation treat but you always receive service with a big smile and a whole lot of support!


Please don’t hesitate to email us on info@yummymummylingerie.com if you have any more questions about lactation cookies and I am sure Jewels will be more than happy to help either answer them or point you in the right direction for help.


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