Online Shopping For Mums? Absolutely!


Do you ever wonder why we love online shopping so much? I went shopping with both my boys (20 months and 8 years old) the other day and was very quickly re-reminded why I love online shopping.  Read along and see if you can relate to any or all of these ‘not fun’ shopping experiences. 

Driving to the shops takes 20 minutes – not bad in a capital city but still …. – and Mr 8 is already thirsty and has forgotten to bring his water bottle. Commence intermittent and consistent complaining about being thirsty for the remainder of the trip.

On arriving at the shops I am relieved to find that there are a few parking spaces to choose from that are not too far away from the shops. BUT every one is empty because the person in the one next to it has crossed well over the white line and created a space big enough only for a mini Cooper to park in. I have two choices. Squeeze into a car park and try to get the back door open wide enough to get Mr Toddler out without asphyxiating him. Or park miles away and hope that it doesn’t rain. I choose option 2 and thank fully it doesn’t rain but Mr 8 is even more thirsty because of “all the walking”.

I am trying to buy some clothing for myself today so yes, a big ask with 2 small boys but I am feeling optimistic. On entering the women’s section Mr 8 commences bargaining with me “After you have finished here Mum, can we go and look at the Lego?” I have no problem with this but because all good Mum’s bribe (LOL) I say yes as long as you can be good while I get what I need. Like what does ‘good’ mean anyway!

I find some items to try – choices are hastened as by now Mr Toddler is getting bored with trying to grab everything from the racks that I absent mindedly get too close to. Add more ‘un-fun’ shopping time here to hang up all the items that are knocked to the floor. He is now trying to swat his brother and push my hands off the handle of the shopping cart as in true toddler style he wants the handle all to himself!

Ah now the change room negotiations. The shopping trolley just fits outside the change room and I have to leave the curtain open otherwise Mr Toddler will cry when I ‘disappear’.  Not ideal but the curtain never stays shut for long anyway when you’ve got kids right? Mr 8 squeezes into the change room with me and starts complaining that “this is taking forever”. I am starting to agree!

I try on 3 things -none of which hit the mark. Then another customer needs to get past my shopping trolley – which is fair enough as we are taking up the aisle of the change room – so I apologize and maneuver it out of her way. Mr Toddler does not want to be moved and starts to cry. By now I have totally lost any desire to try on any more clothes and we pack up and move out of the change rooms.

Mr 8 has fulfilled his end of the bargain and reminds me that we need to go and look at Lego. Mr Toddler is still crying – shopping has taken longer that I planned and it is getting close to his nap time. His shopping voucher has expired and he is letting me – and all the other shoppers – know. Cue biscuits for Mr Toddler while Mr 8 wanders the Lego aisle and tells me in great detail what he will put on his birthday present list. This is probably the most relaxing part of the shopping trip 🙂

Bless Mr 8 who is happy enough to leave after 10 minutes of window shopping for Lego and doesn’t make a fuss about wanting to buy something. We leave the shops totally empty handed and drive home. Mr Toddler falls asleep in the car and I hope against hope that I can transfer him to his cot without waking him when we get home.

What was I thinking? I could have spent the morning at the park with the kids having fun instead of an unsuccessful shopping mission. I know what I will be doing tonight after the boys are in bed and blissfully asleep. Fun online shopping – with a glass of wine –  in peace. No parking hassles, no crowds, great variety all in one place, no rushing and making bad choices, and – as much as I love them – no whinging children in tow.


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Online Shopping? Absolutely

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