Practical ways to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks


Practical ways to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks

Welcome to Maggie Bates who has joined us as a guest blogger for Yummy Mummy Lingerie.

Thanks Maggie, I really enjoyed this practical reminder – as with most, if not all, things in life it’s all about finding balance isn’t it? I hope you all enjoy this blog post too 🙂 

Being pregnant is a wonderful event. Your skin is glowing and you are blooming. You are at one with the world and your unborn baby. Well, maybe not all the time! There certainly are some aspects of pregnancy that are less joyful and pregnancy stretch marks seems to be one feature that most expectant mum’s wish they could avoid.

However, it remains the case that most women will get stretch marks at some point in their pregnancy, especially during the later stages. Stretch marks happen because your skin stretches as your baby grows and you gain weight. The higher levels of hormones in your system can also impact on your skin’s protein balance, making it less resilient.

Stretch marks usually appear on the upper thighs and breasts as your pregnancy progresses. They can be difficult to shift once they appear and many woman continue to have signs of them after the pregnancy.  Unfortunately there is no magic solution to completely eliminate pregnancy stretch marks, but there are ways to try and prevent  appearing.

Controlling your weight

One way to prevent excessive stretch marks is try and manage the amount of weight gained during your pregnancy. Where possible, it is best to gain weight slowlyand steadily during pregnancy. This can be done through maintaining a healthy diet. Drinking water can also help keep the skin hydrated and flexible. However, as many mums will tell you, there will just be pregnancies when those cravings and the weight gain is harder to manage!

Eating certain foods

Expectant mums should try to eat foods rich in antioxidants, as these can help protect the skin. Therefore, you should aim to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Foods containing Vitamin A and E can also help repair skin tissue, i.e. seeds, avocado and carrots. Food groups that contain omega 3, i.e. fish, eggs, are also highly recommended.  Of course, you must also treat yourself to the occasional treat, after all it is all about balance!

Regular exercise

Regular exercise can also help your skin to retain its elasticity, which in turn can prevent the onset of pregnancy stretch marks. Exercise will also help to control your weight gain, which can also prevent stretch marks. Many mums find that taking part in yoga and other low-impact exercises can also help their core strength and make for an overall easier pregnancy. Exercise involving pelvic floor work can also act as a great way to counteract the light bladder leaks, which pay a visit all too often during and after pregnancy!

Stretch mark creams

There are also a number of anti-stretch mark creams available on the market. These can be useful for mum’s who find that their skin is not as elastic as they would wish. Massaging your skin with a combination of the stretch mark cream and an oil or moisturising cream has been shown to help encourage new tissue growth. This can also make your skin more supple, which can limit the amount of stretch marks you will get.

These are certainly some practical methods to try and help prevent pregnancy stretch marks. However, once your little one comes along, a lack of sleep and the excitement and love of being a new mum may make you worry less about them and even embrace them as a mark of being an amazing mummy!


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