Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Version no: 2 Dated May 25 2018

Introduction and Acceptance

Yummy Mummy Lingerie operates this site as an online store for the sale and purchase of retail goods. The privacy and security of our visitors, viewers and customers are of paramount importance, so we’re committed to protecting the data you share with us. This privacy notice explains how Yummy Mummy Lingerie processes information you provide to us through the use of our website (or we collect from you) that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual (“personal data”). It also explains how we protect the privacy of your personal information and provide a safe environment for you.

For the purposes of this privacy notice, the term ‘visitor’ will be used to encompass all of people interacting with Yummy Mummy Lingerie site.

Please read our Privacy Notice before you provide any personal information to us through our website, or otherwise.  We have the right to assume all visitors to Yummy Mummy Lingerie have carefully read this notice. If someone does not agree with this policy, they should choose not to use our website or download any of our offers. By using Yummy Mummy Lingerie website and disclosing personal information via our website, visitors indicate their consent to us collecting and using personal information about them in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Any information stored by Yummy Mummy Lingerie is treated as confidential. All information is secured and accessed only by authorised people, with appropriate security measures taken to protect against violation or loss.

We have the right to update our privacy notice as necessary. Changes will be posted here with date of changes as above.

Collection and use of data

Email & personal details

If you are a visitor to Yummy Mummy Lingerie, you may be offered downloads, or products to purchase. Should you choose to download a free electronic product or purchase a product, you will be asked to provide your email address and agree to receive ongoing communications.  If you do not grant the requested consent, accessing the download may not be possible.

Depending on whether you are purchasing or downloading an offer, your data will be processed in one or more of the following. It will be :

  1. Added to Yummy Mummy Lingerie email marketing list – platform by ActiveCampaign. When you open or click links in emails sent from Yummy Mummy Lingerie, your action will be automatically noted by Active Campaign so that Yummy Mummy Lingerie can improve services to you.  ActiveCampaign adhere to privacy laws and their security measures can be viewed here
  2. Processed as a payment through Woocommerce, our e-commerce platform. Woocommerce adhere to privacy laws with strong security which can be reviewed here
  3. Payment securely processed by Paypal, who adhere to privacy laws with strong security. Review their security here Yummy Mummy Lingerie also offer the services of zipPay and you can find their Privacy statement here . Credit card details are not processed by Yummy Mummy Lingerie, nor are they stored on the Yummy Mummy Lingerie host server.



Cookies (also called HTTP cookie, web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie) are temporary, small pieces of information sent to a visitor’s hard drive when you visit a site. The type of information that might be collected can include general information about your computer settings, your IP address, your geographical location, your operating system, the links used to reach our website and the pages you visit.  We analyse such information combined with all visitors to identify browsing patterns that enable Yummy Mummy Lingerie to improve our product offerings and improve your website experience.

The Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are both cookies used by Yummy Mummy Lingerie, to track which pages on Yummy Mummy Lingerie website you have visited and for how long. Cookies can enhance your shopping experience because they allow us to track information about shopping trends, usage patterns and our customers’ preferences and to improve our website functionality and marketing campaigns. If you are using Facebook or Instagram, these cookies may result in you being shown ads from Yummy Mummy Lingerie.

Most internet browsers are set up to accept cookies.  You can reset your browser to refuse cookies or warn you before accepting cookies.

Links to other sites

We may provide links on Yummy Mummy Lingerie that allow you to access other sites. Please note that these sites are beyond our scope of influence and we cannot be held responsible for the content on these sites or their privacy procedures.

Right to access, review & update

If you wish to inquire about your personal data held by Yummy Mummy Lingerie, please email . We will require proof of identification.

Removal of personal identifiers and erasure

At the bottom of automated emails (via ActiveCampaign) sent by Yummy Mummy Lingerie, you will see an ‘unsubscribe’ link. This will stop automated communications to you from Yummy Mummy Lingerie, including general information for paid products. If you have replied to an email from Yummy Mummy Lingerie and we begin communicating about a product or return, these communications will cease when the issue in discussion has concluded.

You have the right to request that all personal identifiers are removed from your data. This means you would be deleted from the Yummy Mummy Lingerie email marketing list.  If you have purchased a product, your private data required to complete the sale will be replaced with, non-identifying information eg customer 233.


Sharing of personal information

Apart from details outlined in Collection and use of data (above) your data will not be shared unless you expressly authorise us to.

One exception is to share your personal information with third parties that are performing services, on Yummy Mummy Lingerie’s behalf, in connection with having products delivered to customers (for example postal or courier service companies).


Legal obligation to disclose personal information

Please note that if required to do so by law, Yummy Mummy Lingerie will reveal a visitor’s personal information without their permission.


Further information

If you have questions regarding Yummy Mummy Lingerie’s privacy notice, then please contact us at