Seraphine Maternity – Designer Maternity Wear for Royals to Rockstars


Designer Maternity Wear – Seraphine Maternity

Meet Cecile Reinaud, the name behind the Seraphine Maternity brand and Kate Middleton’s maternity style. Cecile started Seraphine 12 years ago in response to her friends complaining that they couldn’t find any good maternity clothes to wear.

Kate Middleton wore Seraphine designer maternity wear during her first pregnancy and chose it again during her second pregnancy. This certainly helped Seraphine become a global brand of choice for fashionable pregnant women. 

People love to buy the same things that Kate does and copy her look. This “Kate effect” results in Seraphine designer maternity wear items that she wears being sold out almost immediately!

Other ‘A listers’ that enjoy Seraphine designer maternity fashion include Gwen Steffani, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Mila Kunis and Doutzen Kroes.

Seraphine is passionate about making stylish and sophisticated designer maternity wear that is good quality for an affordable price. Cecile likes to say “we dress from royalty to rockstar”.

Seraphine St tropez Pink Maternity Bra - Yummy Mummy Lingerie

Seraphine offers a range of designer maternity lingerie and Cecile designed the St Tropez maternity lingerie set whilst she was breastfeeding her youngest son.

Cecile says ‘having tested many breastfeeding bras, I wanted to create a range that would achieve the best flattering bust shape and allow you to wear low cut tops without showing the top of the bra, I think you will love the result’.






Visit our online showroom and fall in love with Seraphine maternity and Cecile’s chic collection of designer maternity lingerie and maternity sleepwear!

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