Shopping for Maternity Wear Online – Top Tips for Success


Pregnancy is such a special time in so many ways. Your amazing body changes are just one part of this amazing journey. BUT these changes come with the bonus that you get to spoil yourself to shopping for some beautiful new maternity wear online.

So you have found out that you are pregnant, and you have a ton of emotions sweeping over you. Clothes are definitely not going to be the first thing that you think about, but at some point soon, you are going to have to think about them. After all, you are going to be growing quickly, and you may not have the time to be able to get out and buy new clothes to fit your lovely baby bump.


When you first start looking at maternity wear online, there are several different issues in particular that you are going to have to consider. For one, you are going to want to make sure that the maternity stores you are visiting are your style. Do they offer maternity clothing and maternity lingerie that suits your own personal style? If not, keep looking to find one that offers styles that suit your personality, lifestyle and budget.


Maternity Leggings by Preggo Leggings – available at Yummy Mummy Lingerie


After all, just because you are pregnant does not mean that you should have to give up your own personal style and taste. There are all sorts of different types of online maternity wear stores out there that are available to you. So regardless of your style, keep looking and you are going to be able to find one that suits you perfectly. Two that I am loving at the moment are Milky Mummaz and Bump Baby and Beyond. Both these provide excellent online service and their clothing is not only super stylish but affordable as well 🙂  The brand that has caught my eye that has some really amazing maternity wear is Seraphine. You can find Seraphine styles at a variety of online maternity wear stores and Yummy Mummy Lingerie stocks Seraphine maternity lingerie and sleepwear.

HOTmilk Show-Off Maternity Lingerie Set

Once you have found a store that you like, stop to take some time to think about what it is you need and want for your maternity wardrobe. What have you already got in your wardrobe that you can continue to wear? What are you going to grow out of that you will need to buy new? Then make yourself up a list of the different items that you need and want to get. This way when you do actually go to make your purchases the process will be a lot easier. You will be clear about what you need and be less likely to get distracted by all the lovely images of items that you may not really need. But by all means once you’ve ticked all the ‘what I need’ items go crazy on the other lovely items that are available. After all it is a time to embrace your new shape and feel and look your best. 🙂

To help you with your maternity bra list, check out our post Maternity Bra Checklist: 2015 Super Easy List for Your Maternity Lingerie Needs. This will help you compile your list of maternity lingerie and maternity underwear needs.


You! Lingerie Rain Nursing Singlet

Thankfully the days of covering up in oversized clothes and looking boring when you are pregnant are gone! Experiment and have fun with all of it – including your choices of maternity underwear.  Being pregnant is a glorious and beautiful thing, and when you are pregnant yourself it is time to show it off. Have fun when you go shopping online for your maternity clothing, and feel free to express yourself at this point in your life through your clothing.


At Yummy Mummy Lingerie we have a great range of maternity bras maternity lingerie and maternity sleepwear to suit all shapes and sizes. We also stock complimentary maternity wear such as the wonderful Cadenshae range of maternity activewear and funky nursing singlets from You! LingerieCantaloop and HOTmilk. Please contact us for any questions or assistance on so that we can make it easy for you to shop for your maternity wear online.



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