Spring has sprung! – Now’s the perfect time to spring clean your wardrobe, all the way down to your lingerie?!


Spring has sprung! – Now’s the perfect time to spring clean your wardrobe, all the way down to your lingerie?!

It’s getting near that time of year once again. The sun is starting to shine, the nights are becoming lighter. There is hope once again! Spring has sprung. Time to get the feather duster out and don the marigolds! But why do we spring clean and how can we apply the same approach to our wardrobe? 

The tradition of spring cleaning dates back to a time when we had to shut our homes against the long winter. The appearance of warmer days meant that we were able to open up our homes once again and wash away the winter’s accumulated dirt. The origins of spring cleaning can also be traced back to the Jewish custom of comprehensively cleaning homes prior to the Jewish Passover feast. Spring cleaning is also a long-standing tradition in orthodox countries, such as Greece, when it takes place during the first week of Great Lent, known as ‘Clean Week’.

However, nowadays, with all our mod cons, including central heating, there is less need to clean our homes in this same way. We do not necessarily need a set time each year to rid out homes of dirt and clutter. However, carrying out a spring clean is also a both psychological and symbolic way to refresh our lives, as well as a method for welcoming the new season. It is almost a state of mind; we shake of our winter tiredness and reinvigorate ourselves once again.

Therefore, now is a good time to also spring clean your wardrobe. Spring is the perfect point in the year to start thinking about a new look. However, in order to be able to treat yourself to a shopping trip, you quite likely need to make some room in your wardrobe. So, go ahead and dig out those items of clothing that you have kept hold of but know you will never actually wear! Send those wrong coloured jumpers and too-tight trousers to your favourite charity shop!

Of course, don’t forget your lingerie drawer as part of your spring clean chuck out. Spring fashion brings pretty matching lingerie sets and fun new styles, which, now that the dark nights are ebbing away, someone might actually get to see! This time of year also gives you the chance to wear strapless or shoe string summer dresses and pretty cut away tops, so you want the right lingerie to look good in these.

For pregnant and or breastfeeding mama’s, a comfortable everyday maternity bra in a light colour that can be worn with all outfits is a great start. Especially in the warmer months when you’re more likely to wear lighter colours and fabrics. There are lots of lovely styles available from Yummy Mummy Lingerie  including Cake Rose Mousse (ideal for smaller busted mummies), Hotmilk Luminous,  You! Lingerie Flirty You and Seraphine St Tropez and more…..


Seraphine St Tropez Nursing Set
Cake Rose Mousse Maternity Bra
You! Lingerie Flirty You! Nursing Bra













And our lovely Cake Toffee is a convertible bra that is lovely to wear with cut away or halter neck styles.



If you’re thinking about getting back into or amping up your fitness regime as part of your spring clean then don’t forget the wonderful range of maternity activewear that is available to brigten up your active wear wardrobe.

Ok, so that bra you’ve got tucked at the bottom of your drawer may be comfy, but when do you actually wear it?!  That hot red lingerie set may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but has it ever seen the light of day? Be brave and now that spring is on its way, why not take the opportunity to rid yourself of those items in your lingerie drawer that are just taking up room and treat yourself to some new lingerie. Put a ‘spring’ back in your step!

Here at Yummy Mummy lingerie you can buy maternity bras and maternity wear – including maternity activewear in a wide range of sizes – from 8A to 20E and beyond in some bra styles. If you need help with sizing or styles please do not hesitate to contact us on info@yummymummylingerie.com and we will be more than happy to help.

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