Are you stressing about finding that perfect baby shower gift? These six tips will point you in the right direction!

Choosing a baby shower gift

It’s getting closer to mum’s due date and the baby shower is about to take place. So, how do you go about choosing the perfect gift?! 

It may sound straightforward, but in fact this is not always an easy task, due to the wide range of baby gifts out there. It can be very easy to find yourself wandering around shops in a daze, or frantically searching online for the ideal gift!

Therefore, here are some useful tips and ideas to consider when it comes to buying a gift for the baby:


Many mums-to-be will have set up a registry or wish list with items that they would like to receive. This will usually include gifts that cater to all budgets. You will also be able to see which gifts have already been purchased, which avoids the embarrassment of buying the same item as someone else!

Baby clothes

Picking out outfits for the new baby can be fun! However, it is worth keeping in mind how fast new-born babies grow. Therefore, it can be really thoughtful to purchase clothing for later stages in the baby’s development. You should also keep in mind the season of the babies due date, as you can then purchase an outfit that matches the weather. For example, there is little point buying the baby a furry onesie, if he/she is due in the height of summer!

Personal gifts

It can be really nice to give traditional or heirloom gifts. For example, many grandparents will pass on items from when mum or dad were themselves babies. If you are a crochet or knitting queen, then you could also choose to make something personal, i.e. a baby blanket, which can then be kept for years to come. Many online website also now offer the option of personalised gifts.

Girl or boy?

Finding out the gender of the baby can also help with the gift buying. Especially if the parents are quite traditional in their tastes. If the gender of the baby is not known, due to mum and dad wishing this to be a surprise, then the best bet is to buy gifts in colours that are not necessarily gender-specific, i.e. greens, yellows. Organic gifts are very popular at the moment and you can find a gorgeous range – including personalised hampers, gift registry and gift vouchers – at Baby Gift Works.


Baby Gift Works – Organic Deluxe Unisex Gift Set
Baby Gift Works – Organic Baby Gift Hamper












Practical ideas

Although cuddly toys and personalised keepsakes are nice gifts to receive, the parents will also be very grateful to receive practical items that they will use every day. This can include wraps, bed linen, bath towels, bibs, bottles, nappy bags etc. Mum will be especially grateful when she needs to change the baby’s nappy for the third time in one morning!

Pamper the parents!

There will be a plenitude of baby-related gifts given to the parents, so it can be really thoughtful to buy mum and dad a gift just for them. A thoughtful idea is a voucher for a spa day, which can be used when mum is feeling the need for a break. Check out Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa for some lovely treat ideas. Mum’s often don’t spend money on themselves and nice lingerie always makes us feel better so don’t forget the option of treating your special mum-to-be to a Yummy Mummy Lingerie gift voucher.  You could also buy a voucher for a meal out for mum and dad, as long as you are willing to step in and babysit!


Happy shopping!


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