There are many good reasons to buy a maternity bra


Yaaah! You’re pregnant. Are you feeling like there are so many new things to think about and long lists of items to purchase for yourself and bub? And so many questions? Let’s start with you first and a common question……Do I need to buy maternity bras? Here are some factors and reasons for you to consider. 

Maternity bras differ from regular bras in several ways. The material is often different in maternity bras compared to regular bras. It will be softer (increase your comfort when your breasts become tender) and more breathable (minimise perspiration as your body temperature increases). The support maternity bras offer throughout the cup and straps is also greater than non-maternity bras. You will appreciate this as your breasts increase in size and weight 🙂

For more detail on the differences between maternity and non-maternity bras please read our blog post Maternity bra 101 – 5 features to look for when buying a good quality maternity bra

Many women will feel more comfortable in a maternity bra right from the beginning of their pregnancy when their breasts are tender. The three S’s are the way to go at this point for maximum comfort – Super soft, Stretchy and Seamless. Examples of these from our store are  Cotton Candy by Cake Lingerie, My Necessity by HOTmilk and all the Cantaloop range.  All these styles are examples of seamless nursing bras  that will grow with you up to several sizes so are a good investment. They are all also ideal as a sleeping bra if you find that your breast tenderness and added weight are making sleeping difficult without a bra.

HOTmilk My Necessity Black – Yummy Mummy Lingerie
HOTmilk My Necessity Cerise – Yummy Mummy Lingerie
HOTmilk My Necessity Nude – Yummy Mummy Lingerie

During the middle of your pregnancy many of you will notice your bras tightening as your diaphragm expands. This may be a good time to buy maternity bras one or two sizes larger or, if you haven’t already, switch to a maternity bra now. Buy a couple in the size you need to cater for your growth and the extra support you will need.

You may need to go up a size again during your third trimester. This will be a good time to switch from solely maternity bras to nursing bras if you are planning to breastfeed and the bras you currently have do not have nursing clips and drop down cups. Please note, many maternity bras are also nursing bras as the name is used interchangeable. However there are some styles that are called maternity or pregnancy bras that do not have nursing clips or drop down cups are not designed specifically for breastfeeding. An example is Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra. When you are ready to buy maternity bras, just ask if the bra has nursing clips if you are not sure 🙂

Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra – Yummy Mummy Lingerie


Thankfully maternity bras are no longer dull and boring. Nor are they shapeless or uncomfortable as they were in the past. To keep pregnant women feeling sexy, many lingerie designers also make beautiful choices for maternity intimate wear. Today maternity bras have all the beauty of regular bras with the added comfort pregnant women need. Nursing bras have become modernized, with beautiful colours, patterned fabrics and styles to suit anyone’s taste.  Amazing brands that we stock here at Yummy Mummy Lingerie include HOTmilk, Cake Lingerie, You! Lingerie, Seraphine and Freya. There are a range of styles to choose from including – sexy, sporty, sophisticated, everyday and convertible.

maternity-lingerie-Yummy-Mummy Lingerie-Amber-Plum
You! Lingerie Amber Plum Maternity Lingerie – Yummy Mummy Lingerie
maternity-bra-Cake-Orange-Zest-Yummy Mummy Lingerie
Cake Orange Zest Sports Maternity Bra – Yummy Mummy Lingerie
Cake Toffee Convertible Maternity Bra – Yummy Mummy Lingerie

During your pregnancy you can expect your breasts, tummy, and hips to all grow larger by the end of your ‘journey’. As your body changes you will have a great reason to buy some lovely maternity clothes and some amazing maternity lingerie to wear underneath. Because, who doesn’t like to feel special and some days when we’ve had little or no sleep and it’s harder to face the day, slipping on some lovely matching lingerie can do the trick. We may not actually be all that ‘together’ but at least we can feel ‘put together’ from the very first layer and give ourselves a lovely start to the day we deserve.

Here at Yummy Mummy lingerie you can buy maternity bras and maternity wear – including maternity activewear  in a wide range of sizes – from 8A to 20E and beyond in some bra styles. If you need help with sizing or styles please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will be more than happy to help.

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