Are you thinking about getting pregnancy photos?  Top tips for planning your maternity photo shoot

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Planning for your maternity photos

A lot of mums-to-be wish to capture their pregnancy in pregnancy photos as it is such a unique and life-changing time in their lives. A great way to do so is to book in for a maternity photo shoot. This will allow you to take centre stage and to have a memento of this exciting time. However, it can often be difficult to know how best to prepare for your pregnancy photos. Especially if it is your first pregnancy as everything is so new! Here are some top tips for planning for your pregnancy photos. 

Research the photographer

It is vital that you feel your photographer offers a style you like and understands your individual preferences. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at the services they offer and their individual portfolio. It can also be useful to arrange a meeting prior to the actual photo shoot to discuss your requirements. Also take this opportunity to view in person the other pregnancy photos that the photographer has taken. This way you will get a real feel for what this photographer can achieve. Meeting with the photographer and discussing your maternity photos will really help to avoid any unexpected surprises on the day!


Pregnancy Photos by Janelle Bynoe Photography


Choose the right time

Although being pregnant is a momentous occasion, we all know that there are certain stages when you will look better! Therefore, it is recommended that the maternity photo shoot takes place between 31 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy. At this stage you should have a nice round bump, but still be comfortable enough to be photographed. The last thing you want is to feel awkward in your pregnancy photos!

What to wear

This is likely to cause the most debate and stress prior to the photo shoot! So, what should you avoid? What will photograph well? In the end, it is down to individual preference. Your photographer will also have some tips so be sure to ask prior to the maternity photos being taken. However, there are a few tips to bear in mind:

It is best to avoid excessive prints and patterns, as these can be less than flattering! It also important not to wear clothing that is too tight or which may cause pressure marks on your skin. You also need to look comfortable on the day, so don’t try to dress in a style that you would not normally wear.

Buttoned shirts or blouses can bring a nice, classic look to the photo shoot. Alternatively, you may want to wear a long, flowy or fitted dress, as these styles draw attention to your bump.

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Many mum’s wish to be photographed in lingerie. Black lacy sets can look particularly nice, especially for those black and white photos. Cake Lingerie’s Licorice Twist  is a lovely style that would fit this bill. If you would rather wear something more colourful, then a pretty, well-fitted lingerie set is recommended.










Here are some suggested maternity lingerie brands that will help achieve a particular theme or mood:

Flirty and sexy – You! Lingerie

Femine and lacy – HOTmilk

Demure and natural – Cantaloop

Sporty and active – Cadenshae

Colourful and fun – You! Lingerie

Elegant and sophisticated – Beha Maternity


Cantaloop Maternity Lingerie Set – Yummy Mummy Lingerie
HOTmilk Luminous Maternity Lingerie – Yummy Mummy Lingerie
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You! Lingerie Amber Plum Maternity Set – Yummy Mummy Lingerie














The location

Where the pregnancy photo shoot takes place is also an important consideration. The last thing you want to discover is that you are uncomfortable with your surroundings, as this can create unnecessary nerves. Being photographed in your home can allow you to feel relaxed and confident. However, you may also face the pressure of having to tidy up!

Attending a studio for the photoshoot can often be the most straightforward option, as all the necessary equipment is on hand and conditions can be regulated.

You can also be photographed outdoors, which will bring a natural look to your pregnancy photos. However, this will of course depend on the location and the weather!

Most important of all…enjoy it!

You’ll be knee deep in nappies before long, so make sure you enjoy every second of the experience. Get pampered, know you are beautiful and create your own unique and amazing memories. Make the most of your opportunity to be the star of your very own photoshoot!


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