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Biodermis Scar Management

This month I am sharing with you my own experience and review on two Biodermis scar management products. Xeragel silicon ointment and Prosil silicon stick are wonderful scar management products designed for easy and convenient use on small scars. With regular and correct use they help heal your surgical scars beautifully. I was provided samples from my stockist Exquisite Bodies (wholesalers) and used these to help heal a scar resulting from the excision of a mole. I hope you are as impressed with the results as I am 🙂

I had a mole removed from my collarbone area which was biopsied and found to be an insitu melanoma. I was recommended to return to my skin specialist and have a larger area of skin removed in order to achieve a safe 5mm margin. The below results are from an area that was incised twice and stitched twice.

I started using the Xeragel silicone ointment the day after I had my stitches removed – after the second larger incision. The below picture shows the results after one week of use. Xeragel is a 100% silicone gel scar treatment, designed for convenient, regular application over small scars. It was very easy to apply and although it was a little bit shiny, it was completely transparent. I tended to put it on once in the morning and then again before bed.

Image 1: After 1 Week of Using Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment



Image 2: After 3 Weeks of Using Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment


Image 3: After 3 Weeks of Using Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment and 2 Weeks of Prosil Silicone Stick

After using Xeragel for 3 weeks my scar was less tender to touch and I started using the Prosil silicone stick to rub over the scar. The stick application allowed the scar to be massaged gently and the appearance of the product was less shiny (noticeable) on my skin. Prosil silicone stick provides the same scar management technology found in Xeragel ointment, but in a convenient, easy-to-use glide-on applicator.


Image 4: After 3 Weeks of Using Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment and 5 Weeks of Prosil Silicone Stick



Image 5: After 3 Weeks of Using Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment and 8 Weeks of Prosil Silicone Stick


I used Xeragel ointment for the first 3 weeks after having my stitches removed and then Prosil for the following 8 weeks.  I treated my scar at least once a day but more often than not I would apply morning and night. It was really simple to use! I am so happy with the appearance of my scar – especially as being on my collarbone it is in such a noticeable area. My scar is now quite flat and as you can see by the images, almost unnoticeable in the upper part of it.

I certainly will not hesitate to use these products again as the results have been so great for me 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to email me on if you have any more questions about using Biodermis Xeragel or Prosil for small scars. Please click here for Xeragel or Prosil for further product details and go to Scar Management page for more information on scar management.


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